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Unanimous decision

Localkickboxer’s first professional fight turns out how she hoped it would — an unanimous decision

(PETERBOROUGH) Success has become synonymous with World Championship Martial Arts.

For the second time in as many months, one of their fighters has shown well on the professional circuit.

Member Anna Shearer fought in her first professional kickboxing bout on Saturday (Oct. 1) in London and emerged victorious. She was the opening fight on a card that included two title matches. Shearer took Toronto veteran Theodora Pistiolis in a four-round match at the London Convention Centre. Pistiolis, 39, already had some professional experience under her belt, but in the muay thai discipline. This was her first professional kickboxing fight as well.

Yet, despite her previous history in the ring, Pistiolis couldn’t handle the Peterborough fighter. Shearer went the full four rounds with her opponent and won in a unanimous decision.

“It’s pretty exciting” states Shearer.

Twelve years ago, Shearer began boxing purely for fun and fitness. She later progressed into kickboxing and it was love at first kick. Now, after more than 25 amateur bouts, Shearer has had a satisfying amateur career. In October of last year, Shearer traveled to Scotland for the world amateur kickboxing championship and brought home the gold in the 60-kilogram class. The move to the professional level was a natural transition. Shearer cites the structure and organization of the professional level as one of the reasons for making the shift from the amateur circuit.

In the professional level, once you enter an agreement to fight you are committed and so is everyone else. It’s not uncommon for amateur fights to be rescheduled, cancelled or have opponents pull out. The guidelines of professional bouts are much more strict.

“As a professional, you sign a contract,” describes Shearer.

“You can’t have any bouts two months before your fight and you are guaranteed that fight.”

Without any fights in the near future, the 29-year-old isn’t taking any time to sit back and admire her success. After so many years of involvement in the sport, she is taking on a new role as coach and teacher at The Parkway gym, which provides programming and training for karate, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai. Shearer will be teaching women’s only classes.

“A lot of females that do kickboxing classes wanted me to start a class,” states Shearer.

The draw being that not only will she lead a class that will challenge all abilities and fitness levels, but that she can be an example to other women who want to pursue the sport at a competitive level.

With the success that she has attained thus far, there’s not doubt that her venture into the classroom will yield any different results.

For more info on the women’s only kickboxing class or any other programs offered go to


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