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Efforts Pay Off

Two hardworking local football players sign letters of intent to play Canadian university football

Marcus Nese. St. Peter's Saints' Marcus Nese celebrates signing a letter of intent to join the Golden Hawks of Laurier University's football team with his parents Marcello and Patricia Nese

The road to athletic success takes many turns and holds many challenges. The travelers who go the distance understand the hard work and dedication that’s required to go all the way.  None know that better than local high school footballers, Tyler McLaren and Macus Nese.

The two have recently signed letters of intent to two Canadian University football programs; McLaren with the University of Ottawa Gee-Gees and Nese with the Golden Hawks of Laurier University in Waterloo.

The St Peter’s Saints teammates have followed similar paths to get to where they are now. Each was discovered early in their high school career by local football scout Tom Sanderson.

Sanderson has been working for the Golden Hawks as a scout since his son Kyle played for them.

On Sanderson’s advice, the boys decided to take their game to the next level, each deciding to play in the Ontario Varsity Football League and acquire a personal trainer to assist in their strength development.

For Sanderson it was the skill level that caught his eye but  it was the boys work ethic and determination that kept his attention.

“They put in the extra effort,” states Sanderson. “They never asked how easy it was going to be, just how to do it.”

Its obvious their hard work paid off.

Both had successful seasons in their last year of high school.  Nese was honoured as the Saint’s lineman of the year while McLaren lead his OVFL team in average receiving yards. This in turn has led to a number of universities turning their attention to the boys and  discussing with them the possibility of becoming members of their own varsity rosters.

In the end however, each set his sights on the school that accommodated both their academic needs as well as their football goals.

In addition to Ottawa’s football program having a strong passing offence, which appeals to McLaren as a wide receiver, the 18 yr old will also be able earn his degree in Kinesiology in both official languages.  McLaren is in the French emersion program at St. Pete’s

“ It’s a big bonus to earn my degree in both French and English,” states McLaren

For Nese, on the other hand, the small campus and close-knit feel of Laurier really appealed to him.

The lineman is also a good fit in the dynamics of the Golden Hawks program and hopes to contribute early in his career there.

“I really liked the university,” states the Nese, 18. “ It has a real family feel to it.  You’re not just a number.”

Now that the end of their last year of school is within sight, the two athletes who began their journey together will be parting ways and following their own paths. Where ever they might lead.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” states McLaren.

A journey that is surely only beginning.

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