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Junior League Gets Rolling

What once was old is new again

That’s what local teen Kenadee Moffitt and her mother Cindy are hoping for.

The two are leading the charge on the newly formed Peterborough Junior Roller Derby league that’s set to get rolling in early February.

The league is geared towards developing skating technique and introducing the sport to boys and girls ages 6 to 17.  The sport, however, is not coed.  Girls will be taught the technical aspects of the sport while boys will be trained as referees.

Kenadee, aka BDI (beady eye), feels that the city is an ideal location for the sport and thinks that the area’s youth will take to the activity.

“Peterborough is such a diverse community, “says BDI. “It will definitely appeal to a lot of kids”

The 13 year old cites the sports ability to not only improve strength and coordination, but greatly benefits confidence and self-esteem.  It’s a community which appeals to those kids who wouldn’t fit in what is considered the traditional athlete mold.

“It’s very accepting,” states BDI. “We don’t judge, everyone is very approachable.”

BDI will be the league’s head junior trainer, having had experience through her mother’s involvement in the sport and her own participation in the sport. Her and her mother previously established the Toronto Junior Roller Derby League and wanted to bring the same experience to Peterborough’s youth.

Despite her age, the Kenner Intermediate student has developed quite a reputation for herself as a competitor excelling at the positions of blocker, pivot and jammer.

“I’m a triple threat,” jokes Moffitt.

For BDI’s mother, Cindy, the implementation of the junior league was a natural development for the sport locally.

Moffitt, known as Lucid Lou in derby circles, was the woman instrumental in establishing the adult roller derby league in Peterborough which started up in early 2011.  The league has since gained a huge following in the local community.  Many of their competitions attracted over 400 spectators.

Unfortunately, the ability to find a suitable facility has limited the leagues ability to develop.

It was at this time that Lucid made the decision to move herself and her family to Peterborough to pursue her goal of developing the sport locally and establishing a roller skating rink.  She feels the activity is prime for a comeback.

“It’s amazing how many people still have roller skating hiding in their closet,” states Lucid.

Lucid also finds that kids are fascinated with the concept of roller skating; some never having seen a pair before.

She has since stepped down as president of the local roller derby league to put her full time effort into the junior league and the facility under the new business Twelve Thirty Four Skate Co.

In the meantime, Lucid and BDI will continue with the junior league development and use the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Center until a facility is secured.

Registration for the league will take place this Saturday, January 14th at the Wellness Center with classes running every Monday starting on February 6th.  Further information on what participants will need can be found on the Peterborough Roller Derby’s website at

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