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Figure skating club reaching new heights

Success is occurring on all fronts for the Peterborough Figure Skating Club

(PETERBOROUGH) The club recently saw two of its rising stars medal at the Woodville Invitational competition on Jan. 14. The results are representative of the ongoing success that the club is experiencing both on and off the ice.

Morgan Brennan, 11, and Laurence Emery, 12, each medalled in the CanSkate competition which focused on the skill elements of the sport, rather than a choreographed routine. Components like jumps and spins were tested and judged for competitors at the lower levels to focus on basics before performing routines, which spectators would see at higher levels.

For Brennan, this was her first on-ice competition since she began skating in December of last year.

Coaches Judy Bates and Brigitte Mackie are incredibly pleased with their athletes’ success at the competition and their continued growth as skaters.

“Both Laurence and Morgan have worked hard this season and it shows,” stated Coach Bates. “Most importantly they tried their best and had fun.”

The club itself has also been experiencing a lot of success in its own right.

Over the last couple years the figure skating group has seen its numbers swell as participation in the sport improve locally. This year especially saw an increase in its beginner levels by 20 to 25 students. An impressive accomplishment for any local sporting group.

“We’ve done a good job of advertising and promoting the club,” says Peterborough Figure Skating Club media chair, Hattie Atter.

Atter also credits the city recreation department for referring the club. The city does have its own learn-to-skate program, but passes on the club’s information when the youth are looking for more specialized training in the sport.

The most impressive improvement the club has made in its self-promotion is its participation in the Rock the Ice event, which has hit the Memorial Centre ice for the last two years. This year’s event is scheduled for next Wednesday (Feb. 15).

“We’ve been lucky enough to be involved,” says Atter.

The event, which showcases some of Canada’s skating legends, has included a group routine by the local club in each of the two previous years. Club skaters have to be at a specific level to be able to participate in the show.

This year’s Rock the Ice performance boasts some of the biggest names in Canadian figure skating history. Skating icons Elvis Stojko, Kurt Browning, Joannie Rochette and Olympic Gold Medalist’s Jamie Sale and David Pelletier will headline the event with a number of other internationally acclaimed skaters.

Tickets for the event are available through the Memorial Centre box office.

For more information on the club and how to get involved go to

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