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Local boxer takes jab at pro circuit

Since donning the gloves almost three years ago, boxer Kyle Marsh has always treated the sport of boxing as a profession.  Now, at 21 years old, the local fighter will have the opportunity to walk the walk as he prepares to turn pro this coming May.

“I’ve always trained like a pro,” tells Marsh who feels his style is better suited to the next level than the amateur ranks.

The move to the pro circuit should be a natural one for Marsh, considering his family’s background. His family tree is rooted in the amateur and professional ranks of the sports history. Its boxing lineage intertwined with some of Canada’s greatest including Donovan “Razor” Ruddock and boxing legend George Chuvalo.

Appropriately called ‘The Next Generation’, Marsh is the latest in a long line of boxers, crossing three generations, which includes 4 uncles, his father, grandfather and some of his cousins.  Most notable of the pedigree of boxers is his uncle Meddrick Marsh who fought under the name ‘Sugar’ and is a former Canadian champ.

As involved as his family was in boxing, Marsh spent most of his teen years committing to pursuing his own sports path in basketball.  However, at 5’6”, he soon realized his hoop dreams wouldn’t be coming true.  It was then he decided to give the family business a go.

“It had always intrigued me,” said Marsh “I wanted to try my hand at it.”

With only a weeks’ worth of training under his belt he had his first bout on his 19th birthday, which he lost in a split decision.

Despite the loss, it was a valuable experience to him.  His father, Bobby Marsh had just recently suffered a stroke and Kyle wanted to ensure his father would see him fight.

“I didn’t know what the future would hold,” stated Marsh.

It was at that time that Bobby and his family moved away from the GTA to the more peaceful environment of the Peterborough area.  Once here Bobby and Kyle looked at what the local boxing clubs could offer, but decided that opening up their own club would be in Kyle’s best interest.

“Not a lot of fighters think of what they’ll do after boxing,” says Marsh senior.

Now, nearly three years later and 18 amateur matches behind him, the young boxer is looking to carry the family torch into the professional ranks for many of the same reasons that saw him fight the first time.

Since the move his father has had another stroke and Marsh wants to help make life a little easier for his parents.

“I’d like to start making some money at this to help them to retire,” said Marsh.

When he’s not training for his own fights, he’s lending his skill and knowledge to help those who train under the Peterborough boxing club banner to build their own skills.

“I like working with the younger kids,” says Marsh citing that he feels that he needs to set an example and help give the kids the means to gain the discipline and self-confidence to steer clear of the trouble that a lot of today’s youth finds themselves in.

With the signing date to turn pro quickly approaching, Marsh hopes that the transition to the pros is as good to him and his family as the move to Peterborough has been.  He finds the community much more relaxing and friendly and is encouraged by the support that he has received in the short time he has been here.

“People want to stand behind you when you’re doing something positive,” says Marsh.

That kind of support shouldn’t be a problem with the example that he is setting; he will undoubtedly have more than just a few people in his corner.  He’ll have a community.


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