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Local jiu jitsu fighters rising above competition

(PETERBOROUGH) Tim Gane and Jeff Doherty may weigh in at opposite ends of the spectrum, but both fighters from Eris Martial Arts Jiu Jitsu are following the same path to success.

The two are standing out amongst a sea of rising martial arts talent in the area as both have come up golden in two very prestigious Jiu Jitsu contests over the last two weekends.

Gane took gold in the super heavy weight NoGi division of the Ontario Open International Jiu Jitsu championships this past weekend in Toronto. The event saw more than 1,500 male and female competitors of all ages compete in multiple divisions for top honours.

“They had quite a few high-level competitors,” says Gane.

After winning his division, the 27-year-old was then placed in the Absolute category where the winners of the four highest weight categories faced off to determine the ‘absolute’ winner. Unfortunately Gane fell short, claiming second. The placing was an impressive feat nonetheless as the Absolute final was his eighth match of the day against some of the biggest and best competitors at the event.

Doherty had similar results in his event the weekend before on May 5 when he traveled to Rochester, New York to claim gold in the East Coast 10th Planet submission-only eight-man tournament in the 155 and up category. The tournament was a slightly different design than what his teammate saw in the Ontario Open.

Rather than have a short match where the competitors can score points or force their opponent to submit, the tournament was a submission-only event with a longer match time. If the combatants were unable to force the other to submit, they both would be disqualified.

“It certainly takes away the strategy of sitting on your points and riding it out for a win,” says Gane. “It encourages you to move and take risks.”

It’s a style that Gane feels will become more and more popular in Ontario due to its challenging nature.

For those who follow MMA and the style’s prominence in competitive martial arts circles, Doherty and Gane practice 10th Planet jiu jitsu system. Eris is the only affiliate of the discipline in Ontario. Trained by Stewart Landry, owner and head trainer at Eris Martial Arts, the men are learning from one of the area’s most knowledgeable experts in the sport. Landry holds belts in more than a few martial art styles including a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a black belt from Gills Jiu Jitsu as well as a Purple belt in the 10th Planet system.

The two will now take some much needed time to recoup and get set for their next event, the Grapplers Quest in Toronto next month.

In the meantime the two, along with the rest of the club, will welcome a special guest to the area to showcase the next level of the 10th Planet system. Scott Epstein will make an appear for anyone interested to view high level technique at the gym on High street on June 2. Epstein is former UFC champion Chuck Liddell’s coach and was a member of Team Liddell on the Ultimate fighter season 11. Tickets are available in advance or at the door.


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