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Peterborough Fencing Club opens new facility on Rink Street

‘You can’t hide’ in a combative sport’

The fantasy of sword play is coming to life in Peterborough.

The Peterborough Fencing Club has laid roots in its new facility on Rink Street to provide instruction and training in an art that used to be confined to the big screen and gaming systems for the areas youth.

Founder Scott Nichols moved to the area for family reasons, but immediately recognized the gap in physical activity and sport participation for those kids who aren’t attracted by the mainstream sports offered in the greater Peterborough area.

“There’s a huge void here for those kids looking for an individual sport,” states Nichol

Nichols is a nationally certified fencing coach and member of the Queens University fencing team coaching staff who has turned his passion for the sport into a living.  The 41 year old previously owned a fencing club in Mississauga since 2003 before moving to Peterborough.

“I think every person needs a place to belong – a place to grow and advance,” says Nichols 41.

The word advance is common term in the sport.  It means to move forward and is usually followed by an attacking movement.  It’s also one which Nichols uses as a key word in his philosophy of coaching and athlete development and feels that the benefits of fencing go far beyond the mere physical benefits that the activity can offer.

“You can’t hide who you are in a combative sport,” says Nichols.

A child and youth worker by trade, Nichols feels that he can make more of an impact in the lives of youth as a coach rather than a professional.  He notes that as a coach you can confront those issues effectively and suitably and use your development as an athlete to move forward – to advance.

Moving forward is what the club is continuing to do as well.

Having initially started in January at the Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, the club had planned to get into their own facility in the fall of 2012, but found that response from the community was so positive that they’ve had to fast forward their plans.

“The response has been fabulous,” says Nichols.

As preparations at the new location are finishing up the club is currently running classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays with summer camps planned for the first five weeks of the summer.  The camps will combine fencing and Nichols’s other skill; archery.

For more information on the club and its programming go to for full details and contact information



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One thought on “Peterborough Fencing Club opens new facility on Rink Street

  1. Scot is a awesome coach and very good with the kids,my son is 9 and has been doing it for a tear and has made a world of different with his self confidence and his self esstein.Thanks to both scot and his helpers my son has found something that he can call his own sport and excel at this sport.Like I said both scot and his help are great.

    Posted by wes vollering | November 10, 2013, 1:27 pm

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