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Boys of summer on hot streak

The Peterborough Tigers Major Mosquito baseball team was sizzling this past weekend at the East City Bowl against the division leading Ajax-Pickering Cubs. The match up was of great importance to both squads as the outcome would see one of these teams claim sole possession of the top spot in the Eastern Ontario Baseball Association.

The Tigers, who sat in second place with an 11-3 record coming into this double header, played a conservative game in the first few innings of the opening match up. Consistent defence and well-disciplined play kept the Tigers out of trouble early before breaking loose in the top of the fifth inning.

Peterborough’s infield moved the ball well behind their strong pitching to keep the Cubs off the board for the remaining two innings and finished with a 10-5 win.

The win tied the two teams for the overall lead in the EOBA.

Game two laid out a different story line for the two clubs.

Ajax was far more offensive in the early goings of the second match leaving the home squad well behind, however the Tigers clawed their way back from a five run deficit to once again take down the Cubs in a 12-11 decision and clinching first place in
the league.

The key to the Tigers success as described by head coach Shane Lockyer is the commitment of the players.

“It’s the kids,” states Lockyer. “They put in a huge effort for the team. They have good energy and hustle.”

Their hustle begins earlier than most teams in the league. The Tigers commit to training in early January to work on the
basics indoors before hitting the field for spring training.

Its results are obvious as the group of 11 yr old is a well disciplined team, and move the ball well while developing their knowledge and game play.

“They have really learned the game,” says Lockyer. “They are very advanced for their age in my view.”

Their dedication however doesn’t stop at their training and their work ethic on the field. It’s an attitude which includes a
commitment to their team mates and love for the game that keeps the players dedicated to honing their skills.

“We really help each other,” says Curtis Trolley, 11, who plays first base and outfield for the Tigers. “We help each other get back up (when we’re down) and build up each others confidence.”

It’s an infectious enthusiasm which is apparent throughout the Tigers line up; from coach to catcher and one which will undoubtedly serve them well as they continue on through the season.

Peterborough will attempt to hold its grip on first place on the road against the Pickering Red Sox Wednesday July 18.


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